Understanding insurance coverage can be complex, so it is important to verify if our healthcare professionals and services are covered by your health insurance plan prior to scheduling your visit or procedure.

The easiest way to verify your coverage is by either calling the number on your insurance card or confirming coverage through your insurance company’s website or mobile app.

A few additional things to know:

  • Always confirm with your health insurance company which healthcare providers, hospitals, services and procedures are in your network and how using an in-network provider can affect out-of-pocket costs. 
  • Each health insurance plan has different benefits, so it is important to know your plan’s rules for referrals and authorizations.
  • Some health insurance plans require you to use a specific network of providers for behavioral health services, so contact your health insurance plan to confirm your behavioral health coverage.

Our accepted insurance plans are accessible below. These lists are subject to change without prior notice:

Accepted insurance plans