The beliefs that drive our actions

The Endeavor Health mission, vision & values represent who we are, how we provide care and our commitment to the communities we serve. These are the principles that guide every action, every day.

An older man with a gray beard is receiving physical therapy in a pool, guided by a female therapist in a black swimsuit. Both are focused on the man's hand movement, demonstrating a therapeutic exercise, with the glimmering water enhancing the serene atmosphere of the therapy session.
Help everyone in our communities be their best

We are dedicated to helping you, your neighbors and everyone in the community live their healthiest lives.

Safe, seamless and personal. Every person, every time.

Finding and getting expert, compassionate medical care personalized to your needs can be hard. We make it easier.

A healthcare professional with a stethoscope around her neck is smiling warmly at a patient in a yellow sweater. The patient appears relaxed and is looking at the healthcare worker, indicating a moment of positive interaction.

Beliefs and behaviors that guide us

Our deep-rooted values guide our words and actions so you will see and feel how much we care about your wellbeing.

Meet people where they are and show empathy through listening

  • Understand the perspective of others always
  • Practice humility and compassion
  • Suspend judgment
  • Embrace a service-first mindset

Act with integrity and accountability to earn and maintain trust

  • Communicate clearly and often
  • Take responsibility for actions
  • Get to solutions together through collaboration
  • Always do what we say

Champion diversity, equity and inclusion for all through mutual respect

  • Actively listen to diverse identities, perspectives, and lived experiences
  • Create a safe space for all to thrive
  • Ensure our actions drive equity for all
  • Help everyone feel welcome

Develop meaningful connections that have a positive impact on everyone who crosses our path

  • Listen with care
  • Create moments so that others know they are heard and valued
  • Recognize and celebrate the wins — big and small
  • Work together to create seamless and personal experiences


Seek out ways to keep learning and growing so we can deliver the best care to all, every time

  • Stay curious and creative
  • Value experimentation, exploration, innovation and quality in patient-centered care 
  • Celebrate wins and learn from mistakes
  • Courageously challenge the status quo

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We are all connected — our hearts, our health, our humanity. And together, we are stronger.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Everyone is warmly welcomed and treated with respect — because we all deserve to be heard and understood.


We learn, grow and find ways to make a positive difference in patients’ lives — join us and become a part of our life-changing work.