DEI is at the core of who we are

At Endeavor Health, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is deeply embedded in our values. We are committed to creating a safe, accepting culture in which people of all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, nationalities, disabilities or other protected statuses can flourish, learn and pursue excellence together. 

Our strength resides in our differences, and we value and celebrate that. We welcome and treat patients from all backgrounds and cultures with compassion, respect and empathy. Our goal is for every person to attain their full health potential, with no one being disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of social position or other social determinants such as employment or education.

We strive to create a place where all team members are embraced and empowered to be their authentic selves. We do this by providing opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences to learn and grow. This creates a more inclusive, inviting, healthy environment where all our patients and team members can thrive.

Our DEI strategic priorities

Our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion includes four strategic priorities: education, engagement, development and community.

Our ability to care for the communities we serve depends on understanding perspectives of individuals from all backgrounds. We encourage self-reflection, inclusive behaviors and leadership development. Through DEI education during team member onboarding and ongoing development programs, we emphasize respecting everyone we encounter and building an inclusive culture.

We open doors for exchanging dialogue, learning and celebrating the richness of our diversity. Through participation in our various DEI initiatives and events, including our Employee Resource Groups, DEI councils and community partnerships, we strive to expand our understanding of each other, strengthen our culture of inclusion and belonging, and meet the needs of our diverse patients and communities.

Our inclusive hiring practices and enhanced leadership programs allow all our clinical staff and leadership teams to grow professionally. Our team’s shared responsibility to DEI, with each other and for our patients, builds an environment where everyone is valued.

We strengthen ties to our communities by hiring and building a robust talent pipeline. We support the economies of our communities by purchasing from, and partnering with, area vendors and suppliers. We also invest in diverse community partnerships with local organizations, with DEI being an intrinsic part of all that we do.