In the tapestry of communities served by Endeavor Health, each hospital plays a pivotal role as beacons of health, healing and hope. A prime example of this commitment to community wellness was recently showcased at Endeavor Health Swedish Hospital’s Community CARE (Creating Access to Resources for Equity) Grand Rounds.

At the December 2023 event, the hospital demonstrated its dedication to connecting, educating and healing patients, and extending this nurturing reach beyond its walls — like a beating heart pumping support and compassion into the community.

T-shirt saying Building a Stronger Community Together

Community CARE represents a suite of hospital programs dedicated to honoring human dignity and expanding the reach of healthcare.

The Grand Rounds provided a platform for Endeavor Health team members to explore how Swedish Hospital addresses social determinants of health and connects employees and patients with vital resources.

A poignant highlight of the Grand Rounds was a presentation detailing the challenges faced by a Swedish Hospital team member on their life journey. This narrative was interwoven with hypothetical interventions from Community CARE program representatives who illustrated potential life-changing support they could have provided at critical junctures. The speakers urged the audience to refer patients and community members facing similar challenges to these valuable programs.

Among the many resources were:

  • Family Connects Chicago, which provides free at-home family and newborn care for families who give birth at the hospital and live in Chicago.
  • The Pathways Program provides free and confidential support to patients and staff experiencing domestic or sexual violence and human trafficking.
  • The Healthcare Transformation Program provides specialty services like pulmonology and cardiology to patients of local Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), most of whom are uninsured or underinsured.
  • The Community Behavioral Health program, in which a bilingual community social worker meets with migrant and refugee families to offer counseling services across the community.

At Endeavor Health, our belief in the power of community-centered care is unwavering. Swedish Hospital embodies this belief and reinforces our commitment to being more than healers — to being harbingers of enduring health and wellness.

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