In May 1774, James Lind started what many consider the very first clinical trial.

He was a ship’s surgeon in the British navy and tested several treatments for scurvy, a common ailment among sailors during long trips at sea. A lack of vitamin C over time can cause scurvy, which features swollen, bleeding gums, muscle pain, fatigue and red and blue splotches on the skin.

Lind’s trial in which he gave 12 unfortunate sailors stricken with scurvy various treatments to see if any treated the disease found citrus fruits were a cure.

Healthcare has come a long way since 1774, obviously. But medical experts are still striving for breakthroughs with the same passion, curiosity and dedication.

In 2014, the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ARCP) deemed May 20 (the day Lind began his trial) annual International Clinical Trials Day to highlight and celebrate the invaluable information and treatments that result from clinical trials.

Innovation is a constant in medicine. Just as Lind searched for a way to heal scurvy, medical experts today are constantly looking for new, better treatments to push science and healthcare forward.

Endeavor Health is at the forefront, making that innovation and expertise available in your own backyard. Endeavor Health experts conduct ongoing clinical trials to test new procedures, medications and treatments, all designed to improve outcomes and make treatment easier for patients.

“The Endeavor Health Research Institute is excited about Clinical Trials Day, as it highlights our organization’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art treatments for our patients across all our geographies,” said Michael Caplan, MD, chief scientific officer at the Endeavor Health Research Institute and the Auxiliary of NorthShore chair of pediatrics.

“Clinical trials are one of several research priorities of our organization, and we are doubling down to bring discovery to our communities, which allows patients to enroll in cutting edge studies close to home. Endeavor Health is proud to be a leader in innovation and research, and we’re excited to continue improving outcomes for all the patients we serve.”

The Endeavor Health Research Institute conducts more than 550 active clinical trials and more than 700 clinical research studies in areas ranging from cardiology, oncology, genetics and infectious disease to patient quality, safety and experience.

Research is about hope, for current and future patients. And you can help provide hope and advance medicine by participating in clinical trials. Your participation helps our researchers better understand how to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases and contribute to healthcare breakthroughs that can help transform lives.

You can search for clinical trials on the Endeavor Health Clinical Trials website. Search ongoing trials by category or keyword for a specific condition or diseases.

For general questions about participating in a clinical trial at Endeavor Health, email clinicaltrials [at] (clinicaltrials[at]northshore[dot]org). Please include how we can help in your email message. Researchers can request information about clinical trials by emailing studyfinder [at] (studyfinder[at]northshore[dot]org).